What's New from Curve?

Just over 8 months ago, we launched the Curve Open Beta in the UK. Since then, we've been building the Curve app and our community, listening to your feedback and insights along the way in order to shape the future of Curve.

One thing we've been talking to our users about since our launch is pricing; and, off the back of our fundraising and the launch of the Curve Rewards card, we feel that we are in a place to do something about it! That's why, as of this Monday's app update, we've started trailing simpler promotional pricing here at Curve, making it easier for new users to get Curve, and easier for existing users to earn referrals straight to their Rewards card.

What is Curve's promotional pricing? For a provisional period, we'll be rolling out Curve Blue cards for free, and Curve Black cards for £50.

Why are you offering promotional pricing now? As we moved from our Closed Beta, to our Open Beta, we've trialled different pricing - as our community has grown, we've been able to talk to thousands of users (that's you), new and old.

We're offering promotional pricing following such insights and feedback, making Curve even more accessible to the wider community and allowing our current users to get the most from the Curve Rewards card. With over £100,000 spent on Curve Rewards cards across the UK, we're excited to learn more and to expand the Curve platform in the future!

If you'd like to get involved and in touch with the Curve community on social media, we're on Twitter and Facebook as @imaginecurve.

Got any other questions? We've covered some FAQs below!

Is Curve's promotional pricing a permanent price change?

During our Closed Beta, to our Open Beta (where we are now!), we have run several promotions to help grow Curve. We haven't yet set a time limit for this promotion, and we're excited to see how it helps shape the Curve Community.

How do I refer someone to Curve?

You can find your referral code in the Curve app - it's displayed both under your Curve Rewards card and in the 'Free Money' section in the app.

Simply find your code and send it to a friend. All they need to do is quote your code during their sign-up to Curve, and you'll both receive Curve Rewards points once they start using their card.

I made a referral! How many Rewards Points will I get?

If you refer a friend to Curve today, you'll both receive 500 Curve Rewards points - that's £5 in GBP - once they start making payments with their Curve.

You can find your current Rewards balance, your pending referrals, and all of your purchases using Curve Rewards right from the Curve app!

Order your Curve card now at imaginecurve.com.

Curve simply and securely connects your bank cards into one card, giving you an instant mobile view of your spend across different cards and saving you money abroad. Curve was built to help people who choose to work for themselves live the life they love.