For The Customers: The Story Behind 'Insights'

Hi, I’m Rui, User Experience Designer at Curve. And we have a feature update for you… “Insights” is now a tab on the Curve app! It first launched on iOS a few weeks ago and is launching onto Android today! We’ve been working on this update for the last few months and are really excited for you all to use it.

Below is a bit of information on what it is, why we thought it was an important addition and what we see for it in the future.

How would you describe the new feature?

It’s all your monthly spend at a glance. On a regular banking app you’ll see all your spend broken down chronologically, how much you spend in the month and a list of where. You need to really sift through this information though to understand how you’ve spent. We ask ourselves questions when we see our statement like “How did I overspend by £100 this month?”; “Did I take too many cabs this month?” or “How much did I eat out vs. at home?”. A regular statement is painful to go through to answer these questions about your money. With Curve Insights, though, it just takes one glance to find these answers.

'A regular statement is painful to go through to answer these questions about your money. With Curve Insights, though, it just takes one glance to find these answers.' - Click to tweet.

The screen shows you your monthly spend broken down by categories below, so you can see in what areas you’re spending. As well as seeing the amounts you’ve spent on each card, so you’ll be ready for your bill. You can also deep-dive into your spend to see a full breakdown.

For the corporate card holders, you’ll see a split between business and personal spend if you mark transactions as business expenses. So you can see what your work expenses look like before you do the paperwork!

Why Curve insights?

The making of the feature was largely driven by our team approach. We decided to carry out ‘Design Sprints’ over the course of 4 days - taking inspiration from Google Venture’s approach. The aim was to collectively identify a user problem, devise a solution and the best strategy to get to work on the feature. With team members from all different departments collaborating and sharing their ideas with a user-centric mindset, we quickly found that an evolved spend insights was the best way to go.

The Design Sprints consisted of individual presentations, competitor analysis, discussions and feedback from external sources, sketching variations and solutions for the app design, and a whole lot more. It was an intense week which took a lot of hard work, but it gave us a real, solid foundation for the project moving forward and gave us confidence that it would be a success.

I think the best part was that team members all had an opportunity to get involved and share their thoughts, people from Customer Experience, Marketing and Engineering for example. It gave us great perspective throughout the sprint which was a big help. Design Sprinting is definitely something we’ll continue for future launches; one will actually be taking place very soon...

We’ve also been doing a lot of customer interviews in the last few months, emailing a random selection of our customers and asking if they would have a chat with us - thank you to everyone that did! From those conversations, our product analyst (Big Pete) found patterns of how people are using the Curve app; what they wish existed and what would make their experience better.

What’s the future of Curve Insights?

We want to continue to show customers the information they need the most and will find helpful, but not overload anyone with information.

To do that, we will see what our customers are asking for. We look at all the social media feedback and emails to customer service and really try to give people what they want – so hopefully people will be in touch soon. The future is what our customers want…

The potential, in the vision I have in my mind, is that because we have so much data, we will have at some point a way to create personalised panels. Which show currencies, goals and budgets - whatever the customer desires.

What do you think of the new feature? Do you have any recommendations for the future of Insights? We'd love to hear your feedback! 👇

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