Putting customers ahead of the Curve

At Curve we set out to put customers in control of their finances, starting with a smart card that does so much more than just make payments. In our first phase we've been working with 50 awesome individuals who have helped us test Curve before launch. These brave souls have put our card and app through their paces and helped us shape the product. It's a process we plan to continue with all Curve users as we attempt to change people's relationship with their money. We've learned so much already.

Less is so much more

Having just one card with you is awesome. Our first 50 users have enjoyed leaving their stack of cards at home and relying on Curve to cover all of their payment needs. Curve has great power, and the great responsibility that comes with that is making sure that our systems are always up and ready to perform. With help from our customers, we've been making sure that Curve becomes the most robust way to pay with any card, anywhere.

Control is key

2016 has kicked off with more uncertainty in global markets. It's natural to feel out of control in the current climate, but we're also used to financial products that put themselves at the centre of our financial universes. Which just isn't right. It's your money and you should be in control of it. At Curve we're learning that this is key. People want to decide where and how to spend their money and our users are enjoying deciding how their payments happen, and in whatever currency they need. Which bring us to:

Money doesn't travel well

The world may be Hot, Flat, and Crowded now, but money is a tad anachronistic. We've become global citizens, taking ourselves and our businesses to the four quarters, but money still feels like it travels in horse-drawn carts and on sailboats. Curve aims to help by giving our customers access to no currency conversion fees and super low exchange rates, making travel a breeze with a card that is accepted anywhere, in any currency. Our first 50 have taught us a lot about payments while on the road and we're constantly tweaking Curve to make it the best forex card around.

Crowds are wise

We don't know everything, so we made Curve flexible. Our customers can choose which cards to add, how to pay and can sort their transactions the way they need to. Our first customers have taught us to expect the unexpected. From trying to add Bitcoin debit cards to using Curve as a gateway into other payment systems, it's clear that the time is right for a smart card that allows you to think out of the box when it comes to paying for stuff.

Simple isn't easy

As a design-focused business we understand that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and, as a team that has built financial products before, we know first-hand how complicated money can be. Curve has challenged us to make a beautifully simple product that removes the complexity from money. We think we're close to nailing this, but we still have a lot we want to do and a rapid feedback loop with our customers is helping us to design and iterate based on actual data. We're very excited about what we've learned so far and look forward to pushing the envelope together.

The Curve story has only just begun, but it already has great characters, a solid introduction and amazing prospects. We can't wait to start printing our next batch of cards and getting them into your hands. Together we can change the way money looks, feels, works and travels - for the better.

Order your Curve now at our website - Want to find out more? You can see Curve in action here. Using Curve and would like to leave some feedback? We'd love to hear fro you - get in touch with us via Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Simon Dingle

Simon is a designer and broadcaster who works as product lead at Curve.

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