Curve: the perfect solution for a small international business

What's your name, and what do you do?

I'm Tom. I run a company called BayTree. We're currently a team of 35 people based in London and Buenos Aires; developing software solutions and creating beautiful web and mobile platforms for our clients. We love to leverage emerging technologies and build products in an iterative and agile way.

What do you use Curve for and how often?

I'm starting to use Curve more and more. At first I was a little hesitant to have it replace the way I used my existing cards. Now I'm using it everyday.

What problem has Curve really solved for you?

It's simple. It's a game changer as I don't need to carry lots of cards around and I can easily keep track of my payments and where my money is going. I have cards for my business and cards for my personal life and often I end up loosing track of my spending.

What is the biggest benefit Curve brings to you?

Being able to see my latest transactions in one place (without needing to login to lots of different banking apps). I like the fact that when I'm traveling I'm not charged currency fees to use the card, and I get access to super low rates.

Would you recommend Curve to a friend?

Yes. I've already mentioned it to a number of friends that now have signed up.