Looking back at #CurveMoments

At the beginning of the month, we launched our #CurveMoments competition, inviting our community to share the moments where Curve was the most powerful item in their pocket. Our users took to Instagram and Twitter (and Curve's mailbox!) to share their #CurveMoments.

From wallet thinning, to travel moments, to money saving, and everything in between, you told us what Curve meant to you. Picking a winner wasn't easy - fortunately, our community were on hand to help. With around 2,000 votes cast, there was no shortage of competition.

With all the votes counted in, the winner of the #CurveMoments £1,000 grand prize is...

Curve user, Dann, who posted the following on Instagram and received over 800 likes!

From the huge wallet full of cards to one card I can use internationally. #CurveMoments

Why #CurveMoments?

Curve is a card with many talents – giving you universal control over your spending, cutting your banks’ fees when you travel, and keeping your cards extra secure while you do so, plus much more!

We wanted to hear what made Curve special to our community, so we decided to kick start the #CurveMoments campaign - an opportunity to share the moments when Curve's features came to life and provided an amazing experience when managing money with Curve, at home or abroad.

How did you pick the winner?

We didn't - our community did! We let our community decide by voting on their favourite picks by retweeting, liking, and sharing!

Competition was fierce, and we had a few Curve 'firsts' along the way. We saw one user, Russell, cut his wallet size down by 80%:

...and we saw Curve hit the big screen for the first time! Curve user David took his card on tour:

David wasn't the only user to take Curve on tour. A number of our you posted your #CurveMoments whilst on your travels. We saw Andre tweet us from the Arctic Circle, taking the award for 'most northerly distance traveled for a Curve card (so far!)':

We look forward to seeing more great #CurveMoments along the way!

Can I still share my #CurveMoments?

Yes! Although the competition has ended for the £1,000 grand prize, we love hearing from our users. You can still get involved and sharing your #CurveMoments at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You could be in with a chance of winning a limited edition Curve hoodie, too.

Thank you to all those who shared their #CurveMoments, and to all those that will do in the future - we're looking forward to hearing from you all!