Putting you first with our amazing new Curve Customer Protection

We’ve improved the protection we give you on purchases you make using your Curve card… and we didn’t do it by halves!

With our all new Curve Customer Protection, we didn’t just double the amount you’re covered for compared with our previous policy. We made it a hundred times better - upping the value of goods or services you’re covered for from £1,000... to £100,000.

We did this as part of our mission to ensure financial freedom for all our customers. We wanted to put you first and give you the best protection we could possibly offer.

When you make a purchase using your Curve card, as it isn’t a direct purchase from your underlying credit card, you aren’t covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. So we wanted to introduce protection that doesn't rival Section 75, but offers you a better deal.

That’s because we’ve all been there. You order something online and the goods received aren’t quite as expected. More of a whiff of Tom Forge, than Tom Ford. Or the goods are the wrong colour. Or broken. Or you don’t receive them at all. It’s a drain on your time, energy, and wallet.

Whether you have a Curve Metal card, Curve Black card or Curve Blue card, Curve Customer Protection offers you better level protection in many ways - filling in the gaps Section 75 leaves.

For starters, Section 75 only covers you on purchases of a value up to £30,000. Curve Customer Protection covers you for purchases worth more than 3 times that value - up to £100,000.

Then there’s the fact that Section 75 only covers UK customers. With Curve Customer Protection, you’ll also be covered if you’re one of our international Curve card customers.

This table comparing the 2 policies highlights some of the ways Curve Customer Protection offers you more comprehensive coverage:

Curve Customer Protection Section 75 Protection*
Available on all Curve purchases up to £100,000 Available on purchases between £100 and £30,000
Available to all UK and non-UK Curve customers Available to UK customers only
Available on all eligible Curve purchases (with underlying debit or credit card) Available on credit card purchases only
Claim within 120 days of purchase Claim within 6 years of purchase in UK
(5 in Scotland)
Claims refunded within 1 working day on supply of documents Processing time for customer claims varies by card issuer

*Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

We asked Curve’s Alison Moore, who has the super-cool job title of FinCrime Manager, to tell us some more about how Curve Customer Protection works.

Hi Alison. Thanks for chatting with us. Are you excited to be launching Curve Customer Protection?

Yes, it’s taken lots of preparation and we’re really excited to be able to finally share this with our customers and hope they’re as excited about as we are! We know a key customer concern is the level of protection they receive and Curve Customer Protection solves a lot of these concerns.

FinCrime Manager Alison Moore

Why did you want to bring this to our customers?

I don’t think customers always know what they are protected for when they make card payments. All cards - credit cards or debit cards - offer a form of protection. But it’s not always advertised to the customer.

This is why we wanted to add an extra layer on top of that - our own Curve Customer Protection. With this policy, we wanted to make it really clear that if you are struggling to get money back from a merchant, you’re not alone. If you’ve paid using your Curve card, you can come to us for help.

So what exactly is Curve Customer Protection?

Curve Customer Protection protects customers for a wide range of goods and services purchased with your Curve card. If you don’t receive those goods or services, or you received them damaged, or you don’t get a refund you were promised, we’re here to help you get that money back.

This policy used to be called Curve Purchase Protection but we’ve updated it with a new name and improved benefits and a bigger coverage.

When can I make a claim using Curve Customer Protection?

You can make a claim when you’ve used your Curve card to pay for:

💳 Goods or services not received

💳 Goods or services defective or not as described

💳 If you purchase counterfeit goods and didn’t realise

💳 If you were promised a refund by the merchant and the refund hasn’t materialised

It’s valid for transactions up to £100,000 within a 120-day period. You can read more about when you’re covered on our website.

How do I make a claim using Curve Purchase Protection?

You can make a claim by emailing us at support@curve.app along with the following information:

💳 A detailed description of events

💳 Booking/Order confirmation

💳 Evidence showing you’ve attempted to resolve with the merchant (emails/call logs) - this must be written communication

💳 Any other evidence you feel may help your case

You can read more about when you’re covered on our website.

What isn't covered by Curve Customer Protection?

Curve Customer Protection isn’t a product warranty or a service warranty. For example, if you’ve had something for a couple of years and it becomes faulty, this wouldn’t be valid as there are certain timescales in place with Curve Customer Protection.

Finally, it isn’t a way to get out of attempting to resolve a dispute you have with a merchant. You should always attempt to resolve a dispute with the merchant first and this should get you the quickest, and best solution.

Curve Customer Protection steps in when you’re unable to resolve these disputes and have issues trying to get a refund. If you're unable to resolve a dispute with the merchant, to use Curve Customer Protection, you should contact Curve, rather than your underlying credit card or debit card provider.

There are a few other things that aren't covered such as investments, purchasing shares, real estate and car hire. You can find the full list on on what's ineligible on our website.

What if I’m not eligible for Curve Customer Protection? What additional protection do our cardholders have?

If you’re not eligible, there’s still a chance you’ll be covered by the standard Mastercard chargeback process.

It just means you might have to wait a little longer to get your refund as the chargeback process can take longer.

If you want to raise a dispute under that process, please email support@curve.app within 120 days of the date of purchase.

You can read more about chargebacks in this blog.

Finally, do you have any hot tips on Curve Customer Protection you’d like to leave our customers with?

It is important to remember that you should always attempt to resolve a dispute with the merchant first and this should get you the quickest, and best solution.

Curve Customer Protection steps in when unable to resolve a dispute with the merchant. You should contact Curve, rather than your underlying credit card or debit card provider. If you go to them, unfortunately the dispute won’t reach the intended recipient - the merchant. So make sure you come to us first!

So there we have it! We hope you love the new amazing features Curve Customer Protection offers you. Do you have any other questions? You can read our Curve Customer Protection FAQs here and the full Curve Customer Protection Policy here.

Andy Dangerfield

Senior Content Manager at Curve

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