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Whether you’re jetting off to New York on a business trip or you regularly meet with clients across Europe, working out how to get the most from your money abroad can be a nightmare; we untangle that foreign exchange market nightmare in our 'What Is' blog on Foreign Exchange right here on our blog.

In the second instalment of our new ‘How to’ series, we caught up with Cathy from the Curve Customer Success team to find out how Curve can save you money when you travel!

(1) One card, hundreds of currencies

If you’re a small business owner or Digital Nomad, you probably have a stack of bank cards in different currencies and for different expenses.

Trying to work out which cards to use to get the best rates of exchange, in the right currency, for the right business expense, can almost make you wish you’d never left home.

Curve combines all of those pieces of plastic and different currencies into one pocket-sized, multi-tasking travel companion. From the Curve app, you can add all your cards, set their currency, and set off, safe in the knowledge that you won't need to call your bank to let them know you're away.

You can also add funding cards in different currencies and use them in their home country totally free of charge - make sure your cards are set to be charged in the right currency in the app by tapping on the ‘Edit’ menu. See how the community have been using Curve abroad so far:

Curve abroad

Top tip from Curve support: Export your entire spend history for the trip for all of your bank cards in one easy CSV file by tapping on the export button in the top right of your app screen.

(2) Access the best rates

Buying currency from a vendor at a bad exchange rate or relying on bank cards with high FX fees can add a huge bill onto even cheap trips overseas. Curve offer super low mid-market exchange rates plus 1% on transactions using your card abroad, turning every card in your wallet into a handy currency card.

While abroad, you’ll be able to see the original amount paid in the local currency and the exact amount charged to your selected funding card in your native currency, meaning that you can work out exactly what exchange rate you’ve just paid. All in real time.

Top tip from Curve support: You don't need internet access to use the Curve card, though you will need it to change your bank card in the app! Get online with WiFi on your travels and avoid those data roaming fees!

(3) Easy expenses

It’s hard enough to keep track of expenses normally, so travelling abroad can create a whole new challenge.

Tag all of your transactions in the Curve app with notes, numbers, and even emojis to categorise your spend, and store photos of receipts. Want to know how much 💰 you spent on 🚕 in 🇫🇷? Simply tag it and search with a couple of taps in the app. Need to keep proof of business expenses? Take photos in the app to export later, so that you don’t end up searching through your whole suitcase for that tiny bit of paper weeks later.

Top tip from Curve Support If you sometimes feel like business trips can turn into The Grand Tour, tag each transaction with a flag emoji, so you know how much you spent in each country.

Looking to find out more tips and tricks for keeping on top of your expenses with Curve? Head over to our FAQs and look out for the next in our 'What is... How To...' series, where we'll be covering all things money!

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Curve is a single card and app that combines all your existing bank cards into one. The app and card allow you to upload and spend from all your bank cards using just one Curve MasterCard, unlocking benefits such as: keeping on top of your business spending on-the-go with real time notifications, managing and tracking your expenses in the app, and saving money when you travel with super low foreign exchange fees.

Anna McEntire

Anna is head of customer success at Curve

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