How To... Budget Better with Curve

Whether it's getting the best deal from your bank, keeping on top of what you're spending and where, or just knowing how much cash is left in your wallet, knowing how many works and what you're doing with it is always easier said than done. In this week's 'What Is...' piece, we covered Financial Literacy, untangling the 'ABC's to your '£$¥'s.

Wondering how Curve can give you more clarity over you money? We caught up with the Curve Customer Success team team once again to find out how you can stay on top of your budgeting with Curve. Here are their top tips for staying in the know when it comes to your finances.

(1) Get to know your bank cards

Getting to know your money starts with getting to know you bank and their cards - knowing what rates you get, where it's accepted, when it expires; the list goes on. If you carry more than one card or work with more than one bank, that problem becomes a nightmare very quickly.

Start from the top with Curve and add all your bank cards into a single smart wallet. Simply tap the (+) icon, upload your cards to the Curve app (we verify your cards in the app to keep your details safe) and start spending with Curve.

Card Selector and Transaction screens

From the Curve home page, you can get an overview of all your cards, seeing where you last spent them and when. Just tap the app to change cards and see when and where you spent them.

Top tip from Curve support: Got two or more cards from the same bank, with the same design? Make the cards your own and customize how they appear in the app! Tap on the card you'd like to change and look for the 'Edit' icon. From there, tap on 'Change Card Design' and pick the best design for you.

(2) Tune into your money in real time

With all the advances in financial technology, it's never been easier to pay, but this doesn't always help us be more financially literate.

Studies suggest that paying with Contactless cards, for example, means we're more likely to spend more frequently. Unless you check your bank account daily, it's difficult to keep on top of your spending.

Cut the distance between you and your money, and finally tune into your spending with some tips and tricks in the Curve app. Look out for notifications in real time when you pay with Curve with info on merchant, time, and how much you've spent - all the info to help you get a quick and clean overview of how you spend from day-to-day.

Instant Notifications

Top tip from Curve support: Check your cards in the Curve app before you pay to ensure you're getting the most from your next purchase! Not seeing your notification in real time? Find out why on our blog.

(3) Track where you're spending is going

Once you know what you are spending, you can start to figure out how much you can, and want, to save. In addition to seeing your transactions pop up in real time, you can do a deeper dive into how you spend by making use of transaction tags and notes!

Saving up for a new laptop for work, and wondering where you can save some costs? Categorise your spend by tapping the transactions in the app's Transaction List and selecting what category your spend has gone into for the week, month, year...

Finding you've spent 80% of your budget on office furniture this month? Cut back and put the pounds back into your savings pot! You can change category a purchase belongs to anytime right from the Curve app.

Looking to find out more tips and tricks for keeping on top of your expenses with Curve? Head over to our FAQs and look out for the next in our 'What is... How To...' series!

Curve is a single card and app that combines all your existing bank cards into one, allowing you to spend from all your bank cards using just one Curve card, unlocking benefits such as: keeping on top of your business spending on-the-go with real time notifications, managing and tracking your spend in the app, and saving money when you travel with super low foreign exchange fees - all in one place.

Curve is built for freelancers, entrepreneurs, contractors and small business owners, enabling them to make smarter choices with their money. Sign up today at

Anna McEntire

Anna is head of customer success at Curve

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