Experience it all this Halloween!

Halloween, the spooky season that gets your creative juices flowing to combine reality with imagination is among us - with celebrations of the holiday growing massively year after year.

Curve's CEO, Shachar, recently celebrated Halloween during his business trip at Money2020 in the US. After his night full of thrilling entertainment and creatively crazy costumes, it got us thinking about Halloween...

Why do so many of us celebrate Halloween with so much passion?
With multiple expensive holidays spread across the year, what motivates us to allocate such a hefty budget to one night of festivities?

With Halloween celebrations booming in recent years - an overwhelming record average spend from American and UK citizens in 2018 - we decided to research into the reasons why.

Aside from the competitiveness of our costume or decoration creativity, we found that ultimately, it's due to experiences the occasion generates. Studies have shown that not only do positive experiences give us more happiness than material goods, but the anticipation of the experience is more pleasurable than waiting to receive that material good. With the growing 'experience generation', it is with no surprise that average spend increases year after year for such occasions.

For Halloween, this is no exception. From the fancy dress and the partying to the adrenaline-inducing frights, there's a constant growing number of opportunities to make Halloween a night to remember.

At Curve, our mission is to help you control your financial life, so you can go out and live your ultimate life. So you can spend less time worrying about your finances, and more time focusing on the extraordinary lifestyle you want to live. Getting into the Halloween spirit, this inspired the Curve Team to share some fun experiences to partake in the UK for the week of the 31st.

Here are some of our top picks for you to fuel your financial freedom; and have some fun!

  1. Sinner (London)
    Along with a night full of live entertainment, you'll enjoy a 7 course supper club by Dinner Ladies, inviting you to enter Dante’s Inferno, where a mythical hellish dining room awaits. Each course is an exploration of one of the 7 deadly sins; gluttony, lust, greed, vanity, envy, wrath and sloth.

  2. Journey to the Underworld (London)
    As part of Funicular Productions' latest immersive, locomotive-based supperclub experience, you'll be taken on a spooky train journey to the 'Underworld', along with MasterChef professionals to feed you whilst on board.

  3. Day Of The Dead (Manchester)
    With the spirits in full flow, it’s time to bring Dia de los Muertos to life! With tequila flowing and bands processing there’s much to celebrate at The Refinery Spinningfields.

  4. 'Haunted Halloween' Mercat Tours (Edinburgh)
    On this after-dark tour your expert Mercat guide will take you through some of the lesser-known closes and wynds of Edinburgh’s Old Town. No story is off-limits - you'll cover the sinister side of Halloween in Edinburgh’s Old Town and experience the Blair Street Underground Vaults at their most haunted.

Are you one of the many that relishes in the Halloween spirit? We'd love to hear what you're up to!

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Charlie Paris-McKenzie

Digital Marketing Apprentice at Curve

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