Curve is crafted for Doers and Dreamers

In the first days of Curve, we looked around and saw that we were witnessing something really special. The way we work is completely changing. More and more people are striking out on their own, not necessarily to be the next Mark Zuckerberg helming a multi-billion dollar company, but simply to work on their own terms and to better manage and control their work and personal time.

Yes there are lots more start-ups and entrepreneurs, but there are also lots more freelancers, enjoying the benefits of flexible working and the challenges of multiple projects on their - rather than a bosses’ - terms. Or there are those who have taken on a small passion project on the side. They are their work - it’s intrinsically linked to them as a person, and scaling up isn’t really of that much interest. This new work force is sometimes referred to as ‘solopreneurs’ and is rapidly growing - in fact you could probably name a few you know.


There are (obviously!) lots of challenges involved in this, not least on the financial front. How do you best manage your own ‘business’ banking needs, especially when it’s hard to get a business bank account, and actually - you’re not sure if you even really need one.But the reality hits when when January rolls around and suddenly you have an impending tax return to complete…

We realised that these doers and dreamers a) aren’t being served by the current banking system, and b) Curve’s core features could really help them manage their multiple cash-flows on the go, and give them back time and headspace to concentrate on other things. Here’s how.

We found out from our customer research that one of the big pains of being self-employed was keeping track of all your expenses. Some would just fall by the wayside, meaning you would be out of pocket, and the dread would hit in January when you needed to pull out the trusty highlighter, excel and printed bank statements. Curve makes things simpler and also saves time. We pull through all your transactions into one place. When you pay you can instantly label each transaction as a business expense. Need to look over your expenses at the end of the month? With Curve, you can export all your purchases to CSV with a couple of clicks in the Curve app. Filter by date range and by card used, and email them to use however you like - Combine this with other services such as Excel to keep track of your expenses with clarity and customisation, saving you time and headspace.


What if you do have a separate business bank account or a special card for business expenses? Well, as the Curve card unites all your cards (credit, debit, business and personal) into one card, this means that you’ll never again be without the card you need. Plus there’s now only one Pin to remember.

Our research also found that the self-employed tend to travel more. Curve’s super low foreign exchange rates and zero conversion fees helps them save money whether they travel for business or pleasure. The Curve app also helps track any of the business expenses incurred, and because a transaction automatically comes up in the home currency as well as the foreign currency, there’s none of that sitting around with a calculator and currency convertor when you are claiming back your expenses.


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Curve simply and securely connects your bank cards into one card, giving you an instant mobile view of your spend across different cards and saving you money abroad. Curve was built to help people who choose to work for themselves live the life they love.

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