Access great exchange rates with Curve when you travel

At Curve we can’t understand how our banks and card providers charge us so much when we travel. Credit, debit, pre-loaded currency - whatever card we use we find it hard to unpick all the different fees and charges involved, and worse yet, always feel like we’re slightly being screwed over.

At Curve we wanted to change this. We want to save you money and also be 100% transparent about any fees involved, whilst keeping it simple.

To give you the background: there are two types of charges that banks use when you travel. The first one most of us are aware of - it’s just for the privilege of using your card abroad at all in a foreign currency and it can range from 3-5% of the transaction. The second one most people have never heard of, and for good reason - it’s a ‘padding’ that banks add to the mid-market foreign exchange rate they (not you) have access to. That ranges between 1-3%.

3 to 5% + 1to 3% on just one transaction? Now we understand how this all starts to add up.

At Curve we eliminate the first charge all together. Bingo: no currency conversion fees. We then put a simple 1% on top of theMasterCard wholesale rate. Any foreign ATM withdrawals we charge at a flat £2 each - this is to cover the cost we are charged.

Plus any transactions will come up instantly in your Curve app in both pounds and the foreign currency, making it easy to track exactly how much you’ve spent.

Have a great trip!