5 Quick Fixes for Your Money

In the Curve office, we've been chatting about how we want to be smarter with our money, but honestly? With minimal effort. There were a few quick fixes most of us had neglected, are now promising to rectify, and we hope will set us up in a better place for the rest of the year (how is it Easter already?). Here are some simple mistakes we've been making...

Mistake #1: Having the same rewards cards as 5 years ago

Do you have the most rewarding credit and debit cards? The bank interchange rates changed and many companies devalued their rewards propositions years ago, yet many of us still use the same cards we did before. The top Cashback credit cards are currently listed here and all offer 5% back on all spend.

Whatever you choose, if you add the card to Curve and shop through your Curve card, you'll also get Curve Rewards on top.

Mistake #2: Holidaying irresponsibly

Only holiday with a card you can lock and leave your valuables at home. The UK requires a PIN for transactions above £30. This isn’t the case in all countries though – some allow £1000+ transactions to go through with a swipe – which could mean weeks on the phone with your bank trying to resolve a transaction you didn't make. Take a card with you that can lock and unlock in app, so you can keep it locked when you are on the go, then unlock only to pay. Did we mention Curve has this feature?

As for leaving your valuables at home; contents and travel insurance are two different things. You may have your watch or engagement ring insured fully in the UK, but check that you're covered if you're going to take it abroad. In this office? We'd skip the premium of putting it on your travel insurance and leave them at home.

Mistake #3: Too many insurance providers

Check your insurance. Statistically you have Medical, Dental, Home, Content, Technology and Travel – but with different providers. You may have taken all the insurance you need to protect yourself and your family and chose the best individual quotes for each, but - it's probably disjointed. Look at talking to a provider which provides all of these for a cheaper bundle. Do some research on Compare the Market and then be brave and give some providers a call.

Mistake #4: Not tracking your spend

Track how you're spending by type, monthly e.g. Shopping, Entertainment, Supermarket. This is a tough habit to keep because it can be a bit of a shock to see where your money is going and it's easy to want to avoid. But whether you register with Curve and see where you're shopping with our Spend Insights; or you analyse your bank bills every month and mark each type of transaction with a pen, you'll soon see where you could be saving money and making more responsible choices.

Mistake #5: Not talking about it

Talk about your money, online or in person. Yes, it might be strange at first, but no one is an island. The more you reach out, collaborate and learn from others - the more you'll soon learn more about money management, even if you're already pretty savvy.

On the web, the following are all great places to get involved:

  • Money Saving Expert - The UK's leading and most popular platform for financial advice

  • Mums Net - The ultimate family money guide

  • CityWire Money - Where members openly and willingly discuss everything to do with their money

These aren't all fun tasks to setup (which is why we've been avoiding them), but they put you in a better place, quickly.

If you want to get your hands on a Curve card, the only card you need to carry, click here 💳📲

Nicole Sproul

Senior Marketing Manager at Curve.

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