5 Financial Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

...Something wicked this way comes...

Tonight, you may be preparing for hordes of young ghosts, wizards, and zombies, or even bringing out that old Mario costume you only get to use once a year.

But whereas preparation for a night of chocolate collecting and avoiding the houses of the unamused elderly is fairly easy, the nightmares that can come from financial setbacks or emergencies can be overwhelming.

So to celebrate Curve’s spooktacular Halloween, here are 5 financial nightmares and how you can lay your worries to rest:

(1) Unexpected Bills

With their ability to sneak up on you from any direction, unexpected bills are scary enough to put most ghosts out of a job.

When an accident, burglary, or unexpected business trip strikes, make sure you have a protective layer of emergency cash set aside to help relieve the dangers.

(2) Debt

If unexpected bills are the jump-scare of ghosts, debt is the haunting presence, following most of us around from the time we enter higher education, early stage business and the like, to later on in life.

There’s no sure-fire way to avoid running into debt, but you can mitigate its impact. Set a fixed budget for everything from household bills and tuition fees, to food and travel, and this spectral nuisance will be under control in no time.

(3) Scams

Scam artists don’t just confine themselves to badly written caps lock spam emails. Among the worst of them, scammers are the shapeshifters of the financial world, appearing to you as friendly passersby or partners, while eyeing up the contents of your pockets.

You can protect yourself with some simple security measures. Have different passwords for each and every social media, email, and financial account you have, never give out your passwords, and listen to the old adage: if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

(4) Economic Uncertainty

In a volatile world, job loss can happen to anyone. It is the hidden trapdoor of Halloween horrors.

It may not be always possible to avoid job losses, but it is possible to prepare. Keep an eye on the market and success of your company or freelance business compared to competitors, make good use of your contacts so you have somewhere to turn if you need to, and, like above, some emergency savings and meticulous budgeting could prove to be lifesavers.

(5) Emergencies Abroad

We’ve all experienced it. After a nice day out abroad, or on your way back to work after eating, you suddenly discover that your wallet is gone. Maybe you are so remote that cash is hard to come by?

Being stranded in a foreign country without money can feel like being lost in a dark forest or other horror movie cliché.

But this becomes far less of a worry when you have Curve. As Curve acts as a surrogate for your other cards, you don't need to take them all on trips out with you. If you lose your wallet, you can use your regular bank cards to maintain access to your money. Your Curve card can also be disabled from the app, making any potential thieves unable to use it.

And as Curve is a Mastercard®, it can be used almost anywhere, meaning you are never that far from a bit more money to get you that emergency taxi home.

Curve is a single card and app that combines all your existing bank cards into one, allowing you to spend from all your bank cards using just one Curve card, unlocking benefits such as: keeping on top of your business spending on-the-go with real time notifications, managing and tracking your spend in the app, and saving money when you travel with super low foreign exchange fees - all in one place.

Curve is built for freelancers, entrepreneurs, contractors and small business owners, enabling them to make smarter choices with their money. Sign up today at imaginecurve.com.