5 Essential Articles to Help You Reach the Perfect Work/Life Balance as a Freelancer

So you escaped the 9 to 5 and become a freelancer, found a great way to manage your money, and your friends marvel at your expertise in getting the most out of your travels abroad on the cheap.

But how do you manage your time? In a recent survey of over 500 freelancers, research found that 44% of self-employed people have not felt able to take a week or more's worth of holiday in the last 6 months. Despite promises of working in your own time and the freedom of managing yourself, many freelancers are overworked and risk fatigue or other symptoms from a lack of free time.

44% of self-employed people have not felt able to take a week or more's worth of holiday in the last 6 months

So whether you're an early bird or a night owl, here's 5 articles on how to strike the perfect work/life balance as a freelancer.

(1) Transitioning from your 9 to 5 to Freelancing

"I took on too much in the beginning because I wanted to please everyone but ended up quite stressed, which wasn’t the aim of leaving the traditional office environment at all"

Meet Alice, Kate and Anya, three women who left their 9 to 5 jobs to freelance full time. They all had different things to fit their work life around, and all eventually put together a unique system that worked for them.

Their stories make essential reading for anyone worried about making the first leap into the world of freelancing.

(2) Giving Yourself Enough You Time

Diana Marinova, a freelance coach and consultant, thinks you're working too hard.

It is far too common in freelance circles for stress about making ends meet to lead people to overwork and miss out on the important things in life. By taking regular breaks, and learning to prioritise your work, you can become more productive, happy, and start to spend more time with your loved ones again.

(3) Controlling Your Projects

"You’re in complete control of your life as a freelancer."

The key thing to remember when you're freelancing is that you are in control. Choose the work you want, when you want, doing what you want. And when you can, delegate the small jobs so you can spend your time only doing what you love to do.

You can use Curve to bring all your accounts into one place, helping you manage your money quickly and easily so you can concentrate on the important things.

(4) Separating Your Office and Your Home

When you're struggling to find a system that works for you, there's worse you can do than crowd source advice!

That's what the folks at Thrive Solo did, when they asked freelancers on Twitter for their best tips for managing your work/life balance when you're self employed.

Among the advice they came up with were separating your office space from the rest of your home to help you to switch off when you should be relaxing, buying a second phone just for work to prevent distractions, and to use time-tracking software to manage your scheduling.

And finally...

(5) Your One Stop Work/Life Check List

The good people at PeoplePerHour have really been thorough for this guide, giving you all the tips, tricks and things you may not have thought about when managing your work/life balance.

And the most important among them all? Remember why you chose to freelance. Working for yourself takes courage, innovation, and a passion for your vocation, and gives you the opportunity to do what you love flexibly instead of enduring suffocating office hours. Following their guide, you can ensure you make the most of the experience.

"We choose to work for ourselves as we have the ambition and courage to follow our dreams."

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