5 Essential Articles on Running a Small Business

It is Global Entrepreneurship Week, a celebration of the go-getter business spirit that can move mountains and build Googles. But it isn’t just about the big fish, Global Entrepreneurship Week is for small businesses to showcase what they have to offer, and inspire people to chase their ideas and get into business.

It is a growing event too. This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week will be taking place across 160 countries and involve 10 million people, with events taking place across the world with the aim to network, educate, plan, invest, and grow.

”Global Entrepreneurship Week will be taking place across 160 countries and involve 10 million people.”

So in celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, we thought we at Curve would contribute. Running a small business is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do, and so to help you do so, make sure you take a look at Curve’s 5 essential articles on running a small business:

(1) Hiring Your First Employee

As the Wall Street Journal rightly points out, hiring employees should be a process carried out with caution, as low productivity or severance packages can be costly.

If you are just starting out, make your staffing planning the bare bones of what is required to operate as a business, and then add more staff members as you grow. And when you do hire, relevant experience is only as important as what kind of staff member you want: do you want someone from big business to manage your accounts or a flexible employee that is better when chipping in on other odd jobs?

Whatever you need, this guide is a must read for hiring employees.

(2) Being a Good Boss

There are good leaders and bad leaders, but everyone has the capacity to improve how they are managing their staff and become a better boss.

”Good leaders celebrate the strengths and successes of those around them”

Get to know your staff, their strengths, weaknesses, and personalities and you’ll get a better understanding of who works well with who and under what conditions. You may even find someone that you can learn from yourself.

(3) Running a Small Business Efficiently

Efficiency isn’t just about cutting down on expenses, but is about freeing up time and effort you waste to be used on other, potentially profitable, things.

Luckily, Smarta believes it can help you make your business 10% more efficient with 10 simple tips. Some are small investments, such as getting faster broadband, while others cost nothing at all, such as avoiding micro-managing and banning phones in meetings. It is often the little things that count most.

(4) Working Smarter, not Longer

Time management is always an important part of running a successful small business, and to emphasise the point, we’ve made it the subject of two articles on this list, not just one.

Here the Guardian talks to Robert Craven, a business development consultant, on the most common ways business get their time management wrong, and how to identify and fix any problems you have. Keep a detailed weekly diary, don’t get caught up in admin, and, perhaps most importantly, get off Twitter!

(5) The One-Stop Guide to Running a Small Business

But what if you want a comprehensive guide to take you through every stage of the process of setting up and running a small business?

”do everything you can to enjoy the process of being in business. And make the most of the good times – when you get a big contract or when you complete a difficult task – because the challenging times will come around soon enough”

Luckily, Money Magpie has put together a great list of tips and advice just for you, covering every stage of the process and nearly every action your business may need to take, including outsourcing, marketing, finding a niche, preparing an exit strategy, and advertising.

Got some articles that you think would be great in our round-ups? Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know!

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