5 Essential Articles for Going Green as a Freelancer or Entrepreneur

More than ever before, globalisation is presenting us with new markets, experiences, and opportunities to branch out into new ventures, explore new business ideas, and work all around the world. Whether you are a freelancer travelling while you work or a small business owner taking a risk on a new idea or enterprise, we all benefit from a connected world.

Because of this, it is important to look after it. According to the European Commission, the EU ranks behind only China and the USA for the most CO2 emissions globally. Meanwhile, for the travelling freelancers among you, the Air Transport Action Group reports that the aviation industry produces 2% of all global emissions.

“The EU ranks behind only China and the USA for the most CO2 emissions globally...”

Whether you travel a lot, freelance at home, or manage a small business, there are things we can all do to be a little bit greener, and maybe even bring bills down while we’re at it. So in tribute to United Nations Day, and the world’s common causes, here’s Curve’s list of 5 essential articles on going green as a freelancer or small business owner:

(1) The Benefits of Making Your Business Greener

Going green doesn’t just have to be about saving the world, but it can help your business be more successful too.

As is discussed over on The Balance, going green can reduce bills, make you more attractive to an increasing pool of customers who will consider environmental factors when looking to make purchases, and ultimately could boost sales.

(2) The First Steps to Becoming an Eco-Entrepreneur

To get the most out of a professional eco-drive, you need to develop the right mindset. What should your priorities be? What may potential customers be looking for?

As this illustrated guide suggests, by regularly keeping track of environmental regulations, setting up a company green policy, and getting in the habit of being more environmentally aware in your spare time, you can make a success of a greener business, and may even discover gaps in the market for new, green ideas to take advantage of.

(3) Going Green at Your Work

Now you’ve got the right mindset, it is time to green-up your office. There are often many ways you are creating unnecessary waste or spending too much on energy.

”Once employees start carpooling, they’ll probably love the amount of money they save on gas each week...”

From the simple things, like replacing disposable kitchenware with mugs and reusables, to the more complicated, like carpool incentives or getting refurbished phone systems, these tips from Intelligent Interiors are a good guide to help you do your little bit for the planet.

(4) Going Green in Your Home Office

Don’t worry freelancers, we haven’t forgotten about you. By working at home you are already helping the environment by saving on transport, but there are still plenty of ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and go green at home.

From using natural lighting, watching the paper count, all the way to being particular about your paint choices, Freelance Folder has all your home office needs covered.

(5) Limiting your footprint as a Travelling Freelancer

There’s one last group we wouldn’t want to feel left out: the travelling freelancers. Travelling while working can be a great experience, and made all the easier and cheaper with Curve as we have talked about before. However it can also be the most potentially damaging to the environment, particularly when considering flights and transport.

”Sticking to local food is a great way to experience a country, and also helps to reduce the amount of air miles and emissions that come attached to your lunch...”

But have no fear, as Charlie on Travel has got you covered on all you need to know about budget, eco-friendly travel. Some take commitment, like declining air-con, while others can enrich your experience greatly. Sticking to local food is a great way to experience a country, and also helps to reduce the amount of air miles and emissions that come attached to your lunch.

Got some articles that you think would be great in our round-ups? Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know!

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